Arkos Light

Palbox collaborates with the Valencian lighting company Arkos Light for the manufacture of its articles for professional and technical lighting.

Arkos Light, a company that holds a leadership position in the national market and which is present in more than 53 countries, has looked to the Palbox Company for the manufacture of its articles, mainly manufactured in aluminium.


ARKOSlight-N Recurso P220 08-1 ARKOSlight-P220 Superf 2 G12 ARKOSlight-P220 Susp T5 Doble ARKOSlight-P220 Susp T5 Doble+QR ARKOSlight-Zoom RD Wall ARKOSlight-Zoom SQ Wall ARKOSlight-arko-luz-emuca ARKOSlight-Arkos curva ARKOSlight-ARKOS T5 4X24 ARKOSlight-ARKOS-palbox ARKOSlight-N Recurso P220 02F ARKOSlight-N Recurso P220 03 ARKOSlight-N Recurso P220 03F