Nonna Designprojects y Girod+Anton

Palbox collaborates with Girod+Anton and Nonna Designprojects in the design of the new Noatum office.

Palbox collaborates with Girod+Anton studios and Nonna Designprojects to make the furniture of the new Noatum office, in the Aqua Multiespacio building, in Valencia.

In designing the new offices, Jorge Girod and José Luis Anton have followed what, in naval terms, is known as “orthodromy”, that is: to move from one point to another, taking the shortest path, boats follow the curvature of the surface of the earth, creating these volumetric spaces. On the other hand, the team of Nonna Designprojects has also undertaken the design and manufacture of a modular system of furniture completely adapted to the project. The result is a combination of work posts and rest areas, oriented toward the exterior, which favours a very pleasant atmosphere. Palbox has collaborated in the manufacture of the tables of this furniture.


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